To accompany my stories and seaside tales in schools, I also offer a range of related craft activities which are good fun and simple to organise with a class of around 30 children. I bring with me all the necessary bits and pieces, including the cut-out templates for each child, googly eyes and stickers. I also offer the craft sessions in French and German too. Here is a sample of what I do:

Glittery beach huts
Made out of cardboard, these delightful beach huts can be tailored to all seasons eg Christmas, summertime, Easter, Hallowe'en to fit with the sandies story chosen for the session. Hidden away inside are pictures of some of the child's favourite objects and then the door is shut to keep the secrets safely inside.


cathy watts
glittery beach huts beach hut crafts beah huts cardboard beah huts

Mermaids' purses
These very attractive mermaids' purses are based on the real thing found so often along our coastlines. Each one is coloured front and back, stuffed and decorated with googly eyes. A secret message or picture can be placed inside before the purse is sealed.